this little site is a result of my interest in treeclimbing gear. over time i started getting gear for friends and here we are…

i am a climbing arborist myself, self employed and father of two little children, which all limits my time and energy as you can imagine, but fulfill me with a lot of joy!  i am not a big company and never want to be.

i live in upper-austria, middle europe.

please contact me if you are interested in a product i have, or search for something special.

i sell stuff from the following brands, if you search something else just contact me as well:

petzl, teufelberger,  gleistein , dmm, haberkorn, skylotec, edelrid , isc

gleistein, yale cordage, new england ropes, samson rope,

all gear inc., sterlingrope

rock exotica, shizll, metoliusnew tribe, stein

climbing technology, arbprofrench touch concept, camp, kask

singing rock,  rock empire

silky, peltor, sena industrialharken industrial, peli rals