ropes & slings

–  per m sterling „atlas“ bull rope, 13,5mm, 45kN, blue or white; 2,5€/m

– 60m teufelberger sirius bull rope 12mm, 35kN;  96€ (1,6€/m)

– 60m teufelberger sirius bull rope 14mm, 52kN; 114€ (1,9€/m)

– 60m teufelberger sirius bull rope 16mm, 63kN; 132€ (2,2€/m)

– gleistein „cup“ 12mm seil, 32 kN, static polyester rope, black/white; 150€ (2,5€/m)

– 80m  gleistein „cup“ 14mm seil, 50kN, static polyester rope,  special colour hemp, 280€ (3,5€/m)

– samson „tenex-tec“ 12mm, 53 kN; 3,5€/m

– samson „tenex-tec“ 16mm, 77 kN; 4,7€/m

– samson „tenex-tec“ 19mm, 101 kN; 7,6€/m

– samson „tenex-tec“ 22mm, 140 kN; 9,8€/m

yale yalex dead eye sling with dmm pinto rig (special colour oliv, with matching spacer) splice into, 3,2m system mbs 50kN;  90€/stk.

– light rigging sling sterling „barc“, 27,5kN, 1,5m/2,6m, for tree diameter ~50cm/~80cm; 45/80€/p.

shizll „spidersling with arboring“ 14mm, 60kN, 3,5m; 118€/stk.

– shizll „spidersling with arboring“ 12mm, 45kN, 2,5m; 103€/stk.

shizll „dead-eye-sling with arboring“, big, 14mm, 2,5m/3,5mchoked 48kN; 92€/99€

shizll „dead-eye-sling with arboring“, small, 12mm, 2,5m, choked 36kN; 77€

shizll „easy retriever“, small/large; 22€/24€

– shizll arboring saver 14mm, 90kN, 1,2m; 142€/stk.

ftc „boa“, 20mm, 4m, 80kN, polyester dead eye sling; 69€

ftc „super boa“, 20mm, 5m, 180kN, dyneema dead eye sling; 172€

– spliced rope slings, on request

– rigging rings, xs-xl, antal, x-rings, shizll, treestuff, allgear, ; on request

sherrilltree „safebloc“, 140€